Our Products and Services

Hi Tech Indoor Agriculture

We produce leafy greens and mushrooms year round through Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA)

Cold Storage Facilities

We offer customers the option of storing their temperature-sensitive items in our storage facilities maintained at 2-4°C.

Industrial Park and Warehousing Facility

We offer customers the option of using our space for their own production or warehousing requirements

Hi Tech Indoor Agriculture

SG Allied Businesses Limited is proud to house Pakistan's first & only vertical farm and Pakistan's only compost yard and button mushroom farm built according to European standards

Compost Yard and Hydroponics Mushrooms Farm

Our state of the art phase 1 and phase 2 processes guarantee high quality, round the year substrate production for our mushroom farm. Once compost is prepared in our compost yard, it is transferred to our environmentally controlled mushroom farm to produce top quality button mushrooms year round.

Hydroponics Vertical Farm

Our indoor vertical farm possesses state of the art HVAC systems and carefully chosen light recipes that guarantee healthy production for our leafy greens such as kale, pak choy, chard, lettuce and many more items.

You can view our entire product portfolio here

Cold Storage Facilities

Reliable temperature-controlled solutions for your perishable goods.

Precise Temperature Control

Our cooling system maintains temperatures between 2 - 4C year round to ensure your goods are stored in optimal conditions

Ample Storage Capacity

Our 2 cold storage facilities boast a combined storage of 480 tons

Secure Facilities

We offer round-the-clock monitoring and security.


Industrial Park and Warehousing Facility

Flexible, modern spaces for businesses of all sizes.

Customizable Layouts

Adapt the space to suit your unique needs.


Elevate your workspace with top-tier facilities.

Convenient Location

Located in the heart of Karachi's bustling SITE area, our facility offers unparalleled ease of transport, allowing convenient access to major transportation routes

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Our company provides uninterrupted power supply for your machinery and your office spaces, guaranteeing workplace efficiency

Meet Our Team

Sohail Ahmed

Mr. Sohail Ahmed, serves as the Chief Executive of the company. He has over 30 years of practical experience in manufacturing and marketing textile products. Mr. Ahmed is a commerce graduate from the University of Karachi.

Asim Ahmed

Mr. Asim Ahmed serves as the Executive Director of the company, bringing with him over 30 years of practical experience in manufacturing and marketing textile products. Mr. Ahmed is a commerce graduate from the University of Karachi.

Mrs Ghazala Saleem

Mrs. Ghazala Saleem is the non-Executive Director of the company and is the commerce graduate from University of Karachi.

Mrs. Saba Sohail

Mrs. Saba Sohail, holds a Bachelor's degree and serves as the Director at Medora of London (Pvt) Ltd for the past 20 years. At Medora, she oversees research and development as well as the production of cosmetics.

Farhan Sohail

Farhan Sohail pursued Industrial Engineering in the USA before gaining experience at Tesla in Reno, NV. Currently serving as the Executive Director, he is spearheading the establishment of Pakistan's first button mushroom farm to European standards. He has notably initiated the Clean Greens project under SG Allied Businesses.

Bina Sohail

Bina Sohail holds a degree in BA Product Design from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She is known as a pioneer in hand-painted concrete planters in Pakistan. Starting humbly in a garage in 2018, she has since transitioned to a factory in Karachi. She enjoys

Sana Sohail

Sana Sohail a Master's degree in Education. She previously taught science at the British Overseas School Karachi for five years. She has also managed two businesses concurrently: "Sugar Drizzle," a bakery, and "Ismara," a clothing brand aimed at empowering women.